Digital artist Scott Ligon talks about the value of art and creative thinking. He is a Cleveland Institute of Art Professor and author of Digital Art Revolution,Creating Fine Art with Photoshop, Random House.



  1. My education quote, which anyone can use, since I figure many have already used it, (I'm not original, just passionate) is: The entry drug to the core curriculum is art.

    If you want better writers, mathematicians, engineers, scientists, communicators, innovators, business people, and all that jazz – invest in the arts. Use the connection between the cognitive and intuitive to build critical life long thinkers. Only good will follow.

    Love the video.

  2. Aristotle said, "The highest things in life are the most useless" (paraphrased). Why? Because they are enjoyed for their own sake, and not to serve a purpose. If they served a purpose, then the purpose would be the higher thing. Art is THE high point of the human experience because it offers beauty, pleasure, joy, meaning, truth… these things serve no bigger purpose than themselves; these things ARE the purpose. That is why art remains important – even if narrow-minded people belittle it. We need it more now that we have become such a quantitative/ results-driven society.ย 

  3. Anyone who would pose the question >> "of what value is art (?)," .. should immediately get an MRI of their skull ! ! ! ย Because – their mental elevator definitely does not stop on all floors ! ! !

  4. ok i get and understand the konsep we express our using art is one way to express things but some art are just simply to simple and far from being direct especialy abstract art i mean i cant understand abstract pla help me reply