Guy Kawasaki speaking



  1. Agreed with most of the things said here but isn't the business, and hence the existence, much more than just that. One example is SGI(sillicon Graphics). They were doing all the three things(STL etc) to "make the meaning" But still they had to file for bankruptcy in may 2006. Company was able to emerge from that not sure if they are still surviving by doing purely R&D work viz. making the meaning.

  2. "PROFIT is the MEANS through which an organisation achieves its AIMS" (Anon *)

    "Anyone can run a not-for-profit. It takes GENIUS to run a NOT-FOR-LOSS" (Peter Mellalieu (2009), I think!)

    * Source: A conference in Melbourne on General Systems Theory, circa 1985 or 1986, as I recall.

  3. Guy is a great speaker. Watch the video and you'll see how he clearly presents his thoughts on how how to "make meaning"…

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