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  1. They should make an SAO game where you create your own character (not customize Kirito) and have your character go through the bosses and levels, maybe even occasionally fighting along some of the characters we see in the anime series. And im not saying i hate the idea, but maybe cut way back on the waifu chooser feature, im sure i speak for many SAO fans when i say i want to go on an adventure through Ainchrad and not try to marry Leafa.

  2. I feel like game developers like ubisoft and ea should come together and create a Sao game where u can go through the floors and level up and stuff and have really cool graphics and gameplay but I think I'm just dreaming.

  3. <——— XBOX ONE GUYQ_QI don't own any of those consoles.. I think I'll wait until the game developers gets more experience in developing and putting more effort into the SAO franchise before I switch consoles just to play one game. And I will not get a vita too for obvious reasons.

  4. Sighs……why can't they do SAO but darksouls style like the character creation and online with friends but with the Sao storyline or like ESO and you can fight alongside kirito in some battles or something like that

  5. …How was game? Im not a fan of Sword Art, but i find the plot of SAO kinda appealing (Minus the Story and Characters)…

    …Hey, you should be at least can create your own character alongside with the protagonist instead of playing as Kirito to feel at least leveling up to beat SAO and breakfree from it like you know, be one of the unfortunate stuck in the game…