With lyrics in english and german.



  1. I'm a singer and I grew up with domestic violence… Saw my dad bully my mum every day, making her cry… He enjoyed mentally abusing her. She was so kind and loving and she was an angel, she always hid her pain behind a smile… I lost her to cancer a few years ago. I can't even sing the chorus without breaking down -.-

  2. I like how they wanted to make the TV series more kid-friendly, however season 3 took a much darker turn (but i guess that's typically Watership Down), i watched both the movie and all episodes in all three seasons of the TV series!

  3. Simon and Garfunkel have been a constant in my life, something I could fall back on. they were there for me at every turn, and whenever I hear one of their songs, it brings back so many memories. I don't know where I'd be without music in my life. It sounds like a very quiet world.