It’s an art project!

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  1. Dude, it`s a fucking comedy clip, not the Mona Lisa. They weren`t trying to make some sort of deep insight on our modern world. They were trying to….make people laugh. How silly do you think you sound?

  2. Jesus Christ, are you always this big of an asshole? I think I am starting to understand why you didn`t get the skit. It`s kind of hard to get jokes when you take them waaaaay more seriously than they`re supposed to be taken. Do you take everything in life so seriously?

  3. Congratulations, you`re smarter than the comedians on comedy central and the random person on Youtube that you`ll never meet. Your mother must be so proud. Now, if you`ll excuse me, I think I`m going to go watch some other funny videos, and not make disparaging remarks about them on the comments section in order to compensate for my intellectual insecurities. Oh yeah, and Portlandia is fucking hilarious!

  4. this is especially funny as an art major. contemporary art has become a joke in modern times. i see so many graduating seniors vain attempt to be philosophical and deep, but when you see their actual skill level its astonishing that they even payed the tuition.

    modern art as it is came about to mock reality and the establishment, and now rich middle class people pay thousands to just restate whats already been said by those who came decades before…. its fun to watch.

  5. 1:09 been to this coffee shop twice. Pretty much all the hipster/artsy stereotypes Portlandia portrays, all in one tiny spot. It wouldn't surprise me if those art projects actually happened there.

  6. Why did that lady give that weird, creepy laugh in the end, when her son was told not take photos? That's been bothering me for years. Could someone please explain that?