As she channels the artist Edgar Degasโ€™s most famous ballet works ahead of a new exhibition at New Yorkโ€™s Museum of Modern Art, dancer Misty Copeland opens up about what it feels like to make history.

Video shot by Sandy Chase. Photography by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory of the NYC Dance Project. To learn more visit:

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  1. Ya forget to credit the composer? The title? SHAME ON YOU ALL! Ppl wanna know. Tchaikovsky is my best bet. Or guess. But really, NO COMPOSER CREDIT? NO MUSIC TITLE??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Without that music, ballet would be very different. Yikes. ๐Ÿ™

  2. SWAN LAKE Waltz by Tchaikovsky. Seems to match tune from CD input into iTunes. IF I'm wrong, tell us. Oh, let's just OMIT THE MAN who made ballet SO memorable. THE MAN to whom most identify with ballet. Yeah, some obscure Russian. Hard to spell. Too hard to Google his name. Urgh.