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Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present
March 14-May 31, 2010
Images courtesy of Marina Abramović and Sean Kelly Gallery/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. MoMA installation and performance images courtesy of Scott Rudd and Jason Mandela.

Filmed by The People’s DP, Inc.
DP – Edward Roy
Audio – Nick Poholchuck

© 2010 The Museum of Modern Art, New York



  1. I love Marina. But I disagree. In theatre, you are not repeating. Yes, you may be doing the same thing, but so would Marina. If you are doing theatre correctly, you are not reliving. You are LIVING. It is LIFE, and it is real.

  2. @thisisryanblood I think what she said is correct. In performance art, the artist is not playing a character, s/he is not reciting lines, and s/he is not trying to coveying a story. While theater actors are playing a character whithin a storline. I understand what you meant that a theater actor can be so into his/her character that s/he "becomes" that chatacter but in end, s/he is still playing a charcater;thus it's not "real" in that sense.

  3. Well, I just wanna comment for her idea about Performance art.
    "If these is no audience, Performance art is meaningless"
    There are some artists who r exploring performance in their daily life. not for audience but for art sake or might be their sake! Does Art have the same value in a comparison to entertainment?

  4. Hmm,she says there is nothing to sell bc it's just a memory. Isn't it the same with theatre? Unless her shows are free to the public, she can't say there is nothing to sell. Even memories are for sale these days.