Kids describe artworks to the experts
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American Gothic – Grant Wood –
Self Portrait Wearing a Velvet Dress – Frida Kahlo –
The Ambassadors – Hans Holbein the Younger –



  1. I wonder how did Alexa know the correct title of the painting? Is she so smart that at 5 years old, she can already read fluent enough for that? Because once she was at the black board and couldn't see the screen (where it could have shown her if an answer is correct or not).

  2. I love this idea! ⁽*⁾

    This can be expanded to different versions, such as Kids explain World Wonders to Experts (with Google Street View world landmarks and Geographers), or "Kids explain Astronomy to Experts" (with Google Sky and Astronomers). Well, the latter would be difficult to turn into a really interesting show but world landmarks, with Googl'es amazing images around the world, could be great.

    ⁽*⁾ I don't like the final result that much, as I already have commented on the other video at SoulPancake, but that may have to do with personal taste alone.