Why and how to become an early riser. For more details read this article: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/09/07/never-let-the-sun-catch-you-sleeping-why-and-how-to-become-an-early-riser/



  1. People love to glorify the idea of waking up early. I don't understand! If we all get the same amount of sleep what benefits are there?? My world is a much quieter place at night. I find the darkness peaceful. I keep most of my blinds closed in the daytime. I enjoy writing music and the best atmosphere for writing is at night for me. I have friends that willingly wake up early. They enjoy the early hours. I believe people are just different and we all benefit from different environments.

  2. there will be no extra time in the day if the person also goes to bed sooner… +1/2 hours in the morning -1/2 hours at night… plus you will get tired sooner so it just evens out.

  3. Being able to get up early having only gotten 3 – 4.5 hours of sleep builds character. The most successful people in the world wouldn't dare get a full 8 hours of sleep. Their work schedule is 20+ hours nonstop

  4. I put my alarm far away, and dead serious I decide to sleep through the alarm. So my alarm goes off for 20 minutes and I mentally make it soothing. Now that I know the blasted alarm turns off on its own after 20 minutes, I don't think anyone could ever get me outta bed

  5. I wake up everyday before six, ive forced myself into the habit by having an alarm on VIBRATE to wake me up. A loud alarm is nice but an alarm that is subtle and merely vibrates to wake you up is better. If you are a heavy sleeper then do use a loud alarm but make where it gets quieter over time for your ears to get more adjusted to the sound until you can use the vibrate method.