1978 Topeka, Kansas, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York
1996-2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH
2011 This room has one thousand doors and an abandoned light booth for a ceiling, AMBACH & RICE
Los Angeles, CA
2010 A Red Thing Shutters Shut, A White Closet Moth is not a Queen, Artforum, Berlin, DE
2009 Beg For It, AMBACH & RICE, Seattle, WA
2008 Remember Me When, OKOK Gallery, Seattle, WA
Spread Eagle, Leslie’s Art Gallery, Bridel, LU
2007 Exact Change, OKOK Gallery, Seattle, WA
2011 will be home…, AMBACH & RICE, Los Angeles, CA
Between my head and my hand, there is always the face of death, curated by Kristen Kennedy, Philip Feldman
Gallery + Project Space, PNCA, Portland, OR
2009 Dark Americana, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, San Francisco, CA
Ricky Allman, Grant Barnhart, Niall McClelland, David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, CO
2008 Vered Art Gallery, East Hampton, NY
TEXT/URAL, OKOK Gallery, Seattle, WA
Siamon Chow, Grant Barnhart, and AJ Fosik, LAG, Denver, CO
2007 Coping Mechanisms, Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Life Size, Scion Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Elevation, LAG, Denver, CO
New Year, Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester, UK
2011 Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY
Finalist, The Brink Award, The Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
2009 Kirkland Art Center International Painting Competition, Best in Show, Kirkland, WA
2008 Artist Trust Fellowship Recipient, Seattle, WA
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