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  1. And the true loyal Mercedes driver is still with the team… he didn't run off with a winner's trophy and dumped on the team that supported him.
    I just wish Wolff, Lauda, and Dieter would've not interfered and let them race fairly… Team changes right at the start of the season could only affect the one with the winning momentum then the sudden interference with the launch clutch… the very suspect data rules… and of course the unexplained race day decisions and strategies, the one-sided unreliability of ONLY one of a twin set of cars… all of these were mitigating factors that undermined Lewis' quest for a fourth WDCin 2016.
    Hope Mercedes just let them race and stop playing the race fans as fools… Wolff is too arrogant he says some really disrespectful things about fans who dared to question the logic in some of his dubious decisions which over the years has affected Hamilton in over 90% of the time.. Statistics don't lie they just show things as they are…