low down man – squirrel nut zippers

#evfilm are a series of videos filmed and edited by Emilio Venegas Jr. He has always been interested and inspired by films. These videos have been all filmed and edited from an Apple Iphone. Emilio is an enthusiast of music and film soundtracks. He believes that a good soundtrack can transform and give energy/emotion to a picture. These videos can also be viewed and were posted on Emilio’s Instagram, “apertureprioritymode” under the hashtag “‪#evfilm”

Emilio Venegas Jr. is a multi-disciplinary artist and record selector. He was born in Manila, Philippines and currently resides in Carson, California. Emilio has shown at various art galleries and spaces around the Los Angeles area and has exhibited work at Pasadena Museum of California Art, Art Platform Los Angeles, Vincent Price Museum, Torrance Art Museum, and was a Slanguage Artist on the Made in LA Biennial at LAXART. His work has also been published on different websites, publications like Tayo, a literary magazine on Filipino arts and culture, Karla Diaz’s Prison Gourmet Cookbook and Mario Ybarra’s The Tio Collection Catalog. Emilio is an avid supporter of local music and events. His photography has been used by bands Badcop/Badcop, LA Drugz, White Murder on their respective album covers and band merchandise. His key influences are cinema and the sights and sounds of the 1960s. He is also promoter/resident DJ Quatre Cinq at QUATRO!, a monthly DJ night at Phantom Carriage Brewery in Carson.

website: emiliovenegasjr.tumblr.com
instagram: apertureprioritymode

#djquatrecinq #QUATROphantomcarriage

photography: #evaperture
shorts: #evfilm