Chris Jeffries The Homeless Romantic set up a Street Art installation in Los Angeles involving a Fake person complete with urinating feature. Some were disgusted, unimpressed, amused but much like LA, no one blinked an eye

Chris Jeffries Homeless Romantic is an album dedicated to the traveling artists and musicians who will most likely not make enough to survive but will understand priceless bits about humanity and the world we live in. Chris Jeffries has lived in his van for the better part of a decade, surviving off of music, and traveling the world. Driving through the border of Mexico Heading south driving around aimlessly for six months before finally succumbing to E. Coli poisoning and Amoebas and driving back home. Hitchhiking from Germany to Sweden in two days with a tooth infection. Eating garbage and sleeping outdoors, or for the fortunate, a nice van. Respect to all of those who put beauty before there own well-being.

Featuring the instrumental song “I Cant Keep Losing”

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Recorded in Hayward, California
Mastered in Witzenhausen, Germany