This video explores how some older Americans stay vital through creativity, and how some are helped through art. It demonstrates the many ways in which art therapy can enrich and give meaning to the later years; and can affirm the wisdom and self-awareness that comes to those who have lived a full life, and have developed the capacity to manage a multitude of challenges. Art therapy can also help older adults cope with the inevitable psychological problems that accompany aging, especially when illness and disability have taken their toll.

“I recommend this work to [all] who participate in the treatment of older adults”
Irene Jakab, M.D., Ph.D. Department of Psychiatry, Harvard


Sponsored by the American Art Therapy Association



  1. This is way cool….I'm actually working on a vlog series of jobs that use art as treatment and therapy. The power of art is a topic I am passionate about. I work for a place that teaches art (dance, visual, theatre, music, and language) to adults with disabilities. I will be posting it in a few weeks but subscribe to my channel if you're interested in art therapy or art and social justice.