Alexie sayle sketch form the Stuff series.



  1. It's either blatant plagiarism or an intentionally identical nod to the original with a slight twist to the gag, like his version of the cheese shop sketch from The Young Ones. Anyhow, Mike Stevens, when is your birthday? Any chance you can mention your mother's maiden name and include your sort code and account number?

  2. For tessariot and FreeMerryJane.
    Just to explain. Alexie does a version (or piss-take) of the famous Monty Python Cheese Shop Skt During an episode of The Young Ones.
    He does a Ministry of Funny Walks style walk up to a shop counter and asks the shop keeper if its a cheese shop. The shop keeper says No. Alexie faces the camera and says, "Thats that sketch knackered then…"
    Hope that helps.
    (I can't for the life of me remember which episode it was. Sorry…)

  3. To clarify: Alexei wasn't credited as a writer on 'The Young Ones' (Elton/Mayall/Mayer). He had a cameo on all of the 12 eps. of the 2 series, however, in which he performed his own material.
    His status as the '5th young one' is confirmed by his head appearing (alongside the regular 4) in silhouette in the credits of all of the episodes of series 2

  4. These old clips are great – the humor was so much more intelligent than what you get today and especially from the US! (God, I sound old ha ha) but the use of English was so much more developed with these kind of skits… thinking mans absurd comedy if you like…. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. You too can defend yourself from violent thugs with:
    A Witty Riposte, Sarcastic Remark, Ironic Banter, Heavy Innuendo, Badinage, Bon Mauge, Dextrous Wordplay and so on…….. ๐Ÿ˜€