“Academy of Art University prepares aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communication and the arts by delivering excellent undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate and portfolio development programs.

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Established in 1929, Academy of Art University is the largest accredited private art and design school in the US. Visit http://academyart.edu to learn about total costs, median student loan debt, potential occupations and other information.

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  1. Go for this one!
    You'll never regret it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I'm so gonna apply for this one
    Provided I can pay for it :S
    My dream university = AAU
    Too bad there's a 99% chance of it getting crushed due to financial issues….
    I'm doing my AS Levels right now in India so yeah….

  2. people talking about well this is a business, duh every college is..I go to SCAD..where your SAT(like I had to take the SAT again just to get in the school) does matter..your grades does matter..portfolio does matter, and I pay more than what Academy of Art is asking people for…so, honestly it's what YOU put into the college…I hate when people complain about the cost as a way to discourage others from their dream, and really it's a ART school, you going to pay a pretty penny for a ART school..I pay about 40K, and Academy is bout 20K..so you do the math..don't get me wrong I love SCAD but it is expensive to go to Art schools..I know cost is big impact on choosing college, it was for me..I just really loved SCAD., but I just feel like that shouldn't discourage anyone from their dreams..

  3. Right now I'm paying 48,000$ Currently at my school in Jacksonville Florida and I want to transfer to AAU, its less than half the price and it's specific to the career I am pursuing as a Concept artist in Game Design so I think this may be the perfect choice for me

  4. What if you can't decide what you want to major in when you apply?
    I love drawing and painting art
    I love animations
    I love music
    and I love acting! I can't decide what I want to really start a career on though…