ACA NeoGeo Art of Fighting Cheats Codes Tips Tricks Secrets Help Wanted (Xbox One)

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ACA NeoGeo Art of Fighting Achievements List for Xbox One. Complete the tasks below and you’ll unlock the achievement specified. If you have any questions or need help with any of these achievements, please post them in the comments section.

CARAVAN MODE 40,000 points 80
CARAVAN MODE 40,000 points.
CARAVAN MODE 80,000 points 80
CARAVAN MODE 80,000 points.
CARAVAN MODE 100,000 points 100
CARAVAN MODE 100,000 points.
Record score 80
The score has been posted to the online rankings.
Mark high score 80
High score has been updated.
Score 100,000 points 80
The score won 100,000 points.
Score 150,000 points 80
The score won 150,000 points.
Score 200,000 points 80
The score won 200,000 points.
HI SCORE Player 80
The score has been posted to the online rankings in the “HI SCORE MODE”.
HI SCORE MODE 40,000 points 80
HI SCORE MODE 40,000 points.
HI SCORE MODE 80,000 points 80
HI SCORE MODE 80,000 points.
HI SCORE MODE 100,000 points 100
HI SCORE MODE 100,000 points.

Unlockables: Secret Achievement List
Complete the tasks below and you’ll unlock the secret / hidden achievement specified.

There appears to be no secret achievements for this game or they’re no longer a secret and included in the list above.

Sadly, it’s a rarity nowadays to find cheat codes included in games. In the golden age of gaming (PS1, PS2, Xbox, N64, etc.) before games became monetized with DLC, microtransactions and time savers, cheat codes were included in about 95% of video games. Some cheat codes were in the form of unlockables but most were simply easter eggs, included in the game’s code, that you either had to find by chance, with endless button combinations, buy a cheat codes magazine or search them out on the internet, print them out or write them on a scrap piece of paper (memories). Cheat codes are now looked down upon and mocked by ‘true gamers’ but in my opinion, I believe they enhanced games, made them more fun to play and increased their replay value. If this game does have cheat codes they’ll be posted in the comments section as soon as they come to light but, chances are, there’ll be none ๐Ÿ™

Game Developers, please, bring back real cheat codes, they’re awesome!!! Agree? Disagree? Please, comment ๐Ÿ™‚